TRM Chelated Copper Gel 35ml

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Easy to feed copper
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TRM Chelated Copper Gel

Chelated Copper Gel greatly enhances the absorption fo the copper across the gut wall into the horses’ body. It is in a convenient syringe form for easy feeding to horses in the field, in transit, and also to shy feeders, or horses in recuperation.

TRM's products are the result of the bringing together of the trace mineral copper and amino acids. This process greatly enhances the absorption of the copper across the gut wall into the horse's body.
Inorganic copper supplements (e.g. sulphates) cannot be absorbed as easily and part of the base element is lost via excretion.

What is the difference between Chelated Copper and inorganic copper?

Inorganic copper is copper that has been taken from the earth by mining. Examples of inorganic copper products are copper sulphates and copper carbonates. They may be inexpensive but they are no good! TRM”s Chelated Copper is an organic copper. This is the only way to orally supplement copper in horses and other animals. Chelated copper is an organic compound with metallic content, where the metal ion (Cu++) in the compound is surrounded by and bonded to organic matter. This organic matter is amino acids. Copper must be in a neutral & stable form to be absorbed.

Inhibitory Factors to Copper Uptake
  1. pH of soil – too acidic or too alkaline
  2. Excess Zinc
  3. Excess Phosphate ( Fertiliser pollutant)
  4. Excess Vitamin C
  5. Leaching in the Soil
  6. Moisture content in the soil
  7. Maturity and/or species of plants grown
Disorders resulting from Copper Deficiency
  1. Blood – Anaemia is notorious in animals. Copper is needed as an enzymatic component for RBC formation.
  2. Blood Vessels – Copper deficiencies can lead to ruptures in either the aorta or the main uterine artery especially in aged mares after foaling.
  3. Bone – Bone abnormalities characterise almost all copper deficient animals particularly young stock. Metabolic Bone Disesase or the preferred term DOD (Developmental Orthopaedic Disease) is now accepted as one of the predisposing factors in this disease. Deficiencies of the copper enzyme lysl oxidase result in poor collagen and bone formation. DOD diseases include:
    1. Epiphysitis
    2. Angular Limb Deformities
    3. Wobblers
    4. Defective Cartilage
    5. Osteochondrosis
  4. Nerve Cells – Demyelination characterises copper deficiency.
  5. Hair & Coat – Dullness and roughness in hair and coat.
  6. Enzyme changes – Copper is essential for life. This is because copper is needed for at least 12 known metalloenzymes.

How to use Chelated Copper Gel

  • Oral supplement for adult horses: Add the contents of one 35g applicator to the normal feedstuff, or feed directly to the horse, every 7-14 days, or as directed by your nutritionist or veterinary surgeon.
  • Oral supplement for foals and yearlings: Add the contents of half a 35g applicator to the normal feedstuff, or feed directly to the horse, every 7-14 days, or as directed by your nutritionist or veterinary surgeon.

Chelated Copper Gel contains

Sorbitol, Dextrose
Additives per 35g:
E4 Copper (as Cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate) 400mg
Gelling agent:
E 415 Xanthan gum 263mg
Analytical Constituents: 
Crude Protein 1.7%, Crude Oil <0.5%, Crude Fibre <0.1%, Crude Ash 2.1%, Moisture 38.5%, Sodium 0.0352% .

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