Dog Wormers

Worms are parasites that can infect the family pet; there are many different types of worms dogs can contract, some of which can be extremely dangerous. Dogs can contract worms from a whole range of sources: grass, mud and gardens are just a few examples, where dogs are at risk. Worm eggs are microscopic so it is extremely difficult to prevent your dog from contracting the parasite… treatment and protection is usually the only solution. There are many different types of worms dogs can contract, and these sustain themselves in a number of ways. Some worms, such as the tapeworm, feed off the food dog’s food supply, while others, like the heartworm, feed off the blood supply of the dog. Symptoms of an infection include: vomiting, diahorrea, weight loss, low energy and signs of eggs in faecal matter. If your dog shows any sign of worms it is important to get it to a vet as soon as possible, better still be proactive and regularly worm your dogs to prevent infections taking hold. Many of these parasites can be contacted by humans, and if you pet has an infestation then you too can be at greater risk. It is therefore vital that your dog is treated for the safety of the animal and humans alike.

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