Cat Wormers

Felines can be infected with a range of parasites, these are generally referred to as worms. Cats present greater difficulty for worming when compared to most other animals, this is because a lot of cats are left to roam around freely, without returning to their owners for long periods of time. This behaviour increases the chances of the cat contracting infections from other animals and the environment. Cats are at risk of infections from many different species of worms, some residing in different parts of the cat’s anatomy, and feeding in a variety of ways. Cats may not present symptoms of an infection for some time, which will allow infestation to grow and become more serious, eventually if untreated leading to death. Prevention is not an option for parasitic worm infections, however killing the worms is possible with many of the flea product on the market. Worms pose a serious health risk to the animals we love, and we should regularly worm them to give them the best quality of life. Not only are worms dangerous to our pets but they can also be extremely dangerous to humans, making a careful worming program essential.

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