What is Calphormin?

Supplementing in-foal mares or those with a foal at foot, as well as the young horse’s diet with CALPHORMIN will help achieve optimum growth and skeletal development and maintain normal conformation.

The prevalence of developmental orthopaedic disease(DOD), including osteochondrosis dessicans and physitis, can be high in foals and a recent epidemiological study reported an overall prevalence of DOD of 60% amongst Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and Warmbloods (Lepeule et al. 2008). Warmblood Breeds exhibited the highest prevalence of DOD (80%) compared to Standardbreds (63%) and Thoroughbreds (60%). Whilst the underlying risk factors for DOD are complex, nutrition, in terms of mineral availability and balance, is known to be critically important (McIlwraith 2005).

The foundations for a horses’ skeletal health and future athletic success can be established before it is even born. Ensuring broodmares have an appropriate intake and balance of macro-minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids in the diet to pass on to the foal, both in utero and following birth via the milk, is critical. CALPHORMIN gives young horses the best start they can get, initially through supplementation of the mare, and latterly by feeding directly to foals and youngstock. Continuing to feed young, rapidly growing horses CALPHORMIN helps to maintain optimum growth and bone development.

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