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Bremsen Long Acting Fly Repellent - Extra Strong

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Bremsen Classic Long Acting liquid, is a very popular, extra strong smelling fly repellent. It's a very effective deterrent against undesirable insects such as horseflies, ticks, blackflies and mosquitoes.

Bremsen Fly Spray / Repellent protects horses during training in the field, stable or at competitions. Also contains moisturising Aloe Vera, Sesame Oil, Avocado Oil and Walnut Oil to care for the skin.

Due to the fact that Bremsen has been tested allergologically and dermatologically, it may also be applied to sore parts of the skin as well as nostrils and underside of horses, cats and dogs.

The extra strong repellent effect of Bremsen is achieved through a combination of Geraniol and the EPA-approved insect repellent IR3535 (effective for humans and animals) which has proven itself for 30 years.

At Farm & Stable we think this is probably the strongest, most effective fly spray we have ever seen - and it's made from natural ingredients!

Effective for up to 36 hours depending on conditions.

Bremsen Fly Spray available in a 750ml spray or a 5L refill (which also contains 2x empty spray bottles.

Customer Reviews
  1. Most effective fly repellent
    I use Bremsen fly spray, which I find the most effective fly repellent I have found, for my 3 welsh cobs/pony. It has an unusual smell which personally I don’t mind at all ( much better than eg citronella) and anyway who cares if it works! I have midges, black flies, biting houseflies and sometimes horseflies and find it effective against them all. I use the gel form on their faces which seems equally as good and easier to apply. The special shaped sponge is great, much less likely to get dropped. The only down side is the spray bottles don’t keep spraying for long ( I buy the 5L refills), so I just use an old Naf mane and tail spray bottle that seems to keep spraying well.

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