Why do we clip?

2nd October 2020

All horses naturally grow a longer and/or thicker coat during the winter months. As modern horse owners we generally continue to work our horses through the winter and therefore they sweat during work and this can lead to chills whilst the horses coat dries from sweat. Removing the hair allows the horse to work more comfortably and dry quicker without getting chilled. Depending on the type of clip, additional rugs may be required to provide warmth and protection from the elements.

Horses in light work - Hacking and light schooling

There are a selection of clips that target sweaty areas such as the chest, front legs and girth area. Removing hair from these areas will help you keep your horse chill free during light or irregular work. Depending on the breed of horse you may decide to not rug at all or for a lighter weight rug during winter.




Horses in medium work - Hacking, schooling, light competition and minimal fast work

If the minimal clips for horses in light work are not enough you can look at taking a bit more off. Moving up the neck, which is the next sweaty area, you can take a full neck off whilst leaving hair on areas that do not sweat as much and can provide warmth when needed. You can leave half a face on following the line where the bridle cheek pieces go or you can remove all the hair on the face (but leave the whiskers on!) These clips generally require rugging to aid with warmth and protection from the elements.

High Blanket


Horses in heavy work - hacking, regular schooling, competing and fast work

Horses that work hard regularly will require the majority of their hair to be removed to work comfortably and effectively. The same options are available for a half or full face as those in medium work, but a full or hunter clip means all the body hair is removed but the hunter clip keeps the hair and possibly a saddle pad area for protection. Horses with these clips will require additional rugs at all times


Hunter Clip

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