TRM Maxi Top Equine Review – Kate Evans

21st August 2020

  • Tester - Kat Evans
  • Horse - Ash
  • Breed - TB
  • Age - 16
  • Competition Level - Rehabilitation

Ash is an ex-racehorse with quite severe kissing spines, he has also suffered with ulcers so it has always been an uphill struggle to keep weight on him and develop a topline.

He can be quite fussy with supplements in his feed but he had no worries eating the TRM Maxi Top. Over the 1 month trial I thought I could see his topline starting to develop. I had my regular saddler out at the end of the trial who did some back templates to compare against her previous visit and although they didn't show any increase in muscle along his topline we both thought he was starting to look a little different in his muscle tone. To that end I have come to the conclusion that 1 month is probably not long enough to establish any real change so I will continue to use it for a few more months to give it the best chance.

Kat Evans & Ash

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