TRM Maxi Top Equine Review – Abigail Sparkes

28th July 2020

  • Tester - Abigail Sparkes
  • Horse - Milo
  • Breed - Hanoverian
  • Age - 6
  • Competition Level - Grassroots

Milo fractured his Pedal bone back in February 2020.

As part of his rehabilitation he had to be on box rest for around 15 weeks. In this time he lost a lot of muscle condition, mainly around his hindquarters and through his topline.

Milo can be fussy when introducing new supplements to his feed but we found Maxi Top Equine to have a pleasant smell and was highly palatable so we had no problems with Milo eating up! We personally really liked that it was in a pellet form rather than powder as this can be messy and wasteful to feed.

After Milo had been on the product for around 2 weeks I could really see a difference in him. His frame looked fuller, his coat was starting to shine again and he started to gain general condition.

After 1 month I believe he actually looked better than he did before his box rest! His hindquarters and topline had improved and he looked a picture of health, as you can see from the pictures!

His workload is now increasing and schooling is being slowly introduced. He is feeling and looking fantastic!

I would highly recommend TRM Maxi Top Equine as I was so impressed with the difference in a short space of time. I will continue to use this product on Milo and would definitely recommend for any horse coming back from injury, on box rest or those who are generally lacking overall condition.”

Thanks TRM and Farm & Stable Supplies for bringing this product to our attention, it'll be a feed room essential from now on!

Abigail Sparkes & Milo

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