Equine Biosecurity Answers

18th March 2020

Why should I have a biosecurity plan?

Biosecurity is an essential party of any equine establishment to prevent the spread of disease. Viruses can be picked up anywhere including from the environment if it is airborne or when competing by touching the same equipment. Using a disinfectant can reduce the spread and stop the contamination if done as part of a routine and especially if it contains a reactive barrier like STERI-7.

What is STERI-7 and why should I use it?

It is a non-alcoholic disinfectant which is effective in killing 99.9999% of pathogens including bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses that have a lipid envelope.

Why use STERI-7 instead of alcohol-based products?

The main factor here is that alcohol products need to be in contact with a surface for a time to effectively kill where as STERI-7 will keep on killing pathogens for up to 3-hours on skin and 14-days on surfaces.

What is reactive barrier technology?

Reactive Barrier Technology or RBT as we refer to it, is a scientific technology which means the product kills pathogens between cleans. This happens when the treated surface comes into contact with moisture and the STERI-7 is reactivated to give a kill rate the same as the first time it was applied.

Is STERI-7 safe to use?

Yes, STERI-7 is extremely safe. It is non-corrosive and non-caustic, so it is kind on skin and won’t corrode metal, plastic or rubber.

How do I use STERI-7?

STERI-7 concentrate should be diluted at 50-parts water to 1-part STERI-7. So, in a 10ltr bucket or sprayer you would add 200ml of STERI-7 concentrate. This can either be used as a wash to be applied by cloth/sponge or in a pressurised sprayer to apply a mist to all surfaces. A fogger will do a better job, as it will produce a fog which can even cover the underside of surfaces but unfortunately, they are currently in short supply. It can also be used in washing machines as it doesn’t corrode. STERI-7 concentrate is proven to remain active for 14-days in equine environments.

STERI-7 hand sanitizer can be used in a dispenser or in a bottle with a foaming pump. It does not need to be diluted and it can also be used without a foamer if necessary. It remains active for up to 3-hours on skin and contains a moisturiser for better skin protection.

STERI-7 hand wash can be used to replace regular soap in washrooms and will also give up to 3-hours of protection.

STERI-7 equine shampoo can be used to replace regular horse shampoo and is dermatologically tested with a 3-hour reactive barrier.

Can I use STERI-7 on my horse?

Yes, STERI-7 equine shampoo is the product for washing horse with and is very effective in the prevention of ringworm.

Should I use STERI-7 on my stables and horsebox?

Most definitely. This is the best place to use STERI-7 to break the cycle and stop pathogens transmitting. These areas are where horses regularly come into contact with other viruses, so treating every 14-days is an essential part of your biosecurity plan. As STERI-7 is completely safe then you should consider treating all surfaces where horses come into contact with other horses, but not limited to walkers, treadmills, stocks, tack, etc.

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