Coronavirus - Break, Treat, Prevent

2nd March 2020

Viruses like the Coronavirus are classed as ‘enveloped viruses’ as they have a viral envelope consisting of lipids. They’re relatively straightforward to inactivate or kill with the correct biocidal products - in order to prevent the spread, hygiene is critical.

This blog is designed to give you some basic information on:

  • How is Coronavirus transmitted
  • Incubation and symptoms of Coronavirus
  • Help prevent the the spread




How is Coronavirus transmitted?

Coronaviruses are mainly transmitted by large respiratory droplets and direct or indirect contact with infected secretions. They’ve been detected in blood, faeces, urine and, under certain circumstances, airborne transmission is thought to occur via aerosolised respiratory secretions and faecal material.

Incubation and symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus can take up to 10-days between infection and detection - with a typical incubation period of 5-6 days. Symptoms include fever, breathing difficulty and cough. If you experience these symptoms, call 111.

Help prevent the spread

FDA & EU regulations do not allow hand sanitiser brands to make specific, untested viral claims, however from a scientific perspective, Coronavirus is classed as an ‘enveloped virus’ which can  generally be killed or inactivated by certain sanitisation products.

Steri-7 Sanitiser products take protection one step further, as it’s not only active against enveloped viruses, but it stays active for up to 3-hours. It has a non-alcoholic formula and added skin moisturiser, so it’s kinder to your skin when used regularly, and effectively kills enveloped viruses such as Coronavirus and influenza viruses.

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