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  • Lily Attwood TRM Maxi Top Equine – Product Review

    25th June 2020

    Tester - GB Showjumper Lily Attwood Horse - 'Cor-Leon Van Vd Vlierbeek Z' aka 'Leon' Breed - Belgian Warmblood Age - 10 Competition Level - International 1.50/1.55 Leon loves his own space, he is generally quite a ho...

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  • Spring & Summer Equine Worming

    27th May 2020

    One of the many jobs of the horse owner is assessing your horses worming needs for the year ahead. Some things to bear in mind as you decide on your horses’ needs are: • No one single treatment will fit all horses ...

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  • Strangles Awareness Week, supported by Farm & Stable Supplies

    6th May 2020

    #SAW2020 #SpeakOutOnStrangles About Strangles According to the Animal Health Trust, an average of 600 cases of Strangles (a highly contagious respiratory disease) occur across the UK every year, making it the country...

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  • Which Type of Mask?

    29th April 2020

    Since the outbreak, people have rushed to get surgical masks. But not all of them are really effective against viruses, bacteria or Covid-19 virus. So, which masks actually offer protection? Surgical Masks vs. Respirator...

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  • Paddock Management Calendar

    22nd April 2020

    Winter 2019 was February came to an end, provisional rainfall figures suggested the UK had its wettest winter since the national records began in 1910. Many of our fields and paddocks bore the brunt of the susta...

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  • Thank you for your continued support

    20th March 2020

    Over the last 45 years, Farm & Stable have worked through a number of challenges in our community by supporting each other and working together with you our loyal partners in business. Now we are all faced with a globa...

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  • Equine Biosecurity Answers

    18th March 2020

    Why should I have a biosecurity plan? Biosecurity is an essential party of any equine establishment to prevent the spread of disease. Viruses can be picked up anywhere including from the environment if it is airborne o...

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  • Why choose Steri-7? BREAK - TREAT - PREVENT

    11th March 2020

    Wherever we go, whatever we do, there are harmful germs all around us - before we even start thinking about the current COVID-19 outbreak. All disinfectants kill some bacteria, but they are only designed to work whilst...

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  • Coronavirus - Break, Treat, Prevent

    2nd March 2020

    Viruses like the Coronavirus are classed as ‘enveloped viruses’ as they have a viral envelope consisting of lipids. They’re relatively straightforward to inactivate or kill with the correct biocidal products - in...

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  • Equine Mud Fever - Treatment & Prevention

    14th November 2019

    What is Mud Fever? Mud fever, also known as greasy heels, cracked heels and pastern dermatitis is a skin infection on the lower limbs of the horse which is caused by a variety of bacteria that love the wet and muddy cond...

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