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  • Controlling Encysted Redworm in Horses

    15th November 2018

    Small redworm Cyathostomin/Small Strongyles, are one of the most common endoparasites in equines. According to studies, up to 30% of the horse population in the USA can’t naturally keep their intestinal Strongyles in c...

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  • The Benefits of curcumin and HA Supplementation to the diets of horses as a Nutritional Adjunct for Joints

    7th November 2018

    There is much data available on the feeding of turmeric to horses, and curcumin is the active component of turmeric, a well-known antioxidant spice. Bioavailable turmeric is absorbed through the epithelial cell membra...

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  • The Benefits of steaming hay with Haygain for…

    31st October 2018

    …your horse Studies have shown that 84% of horses examined, suffered from Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD). The main cause of IAD is respirable dust, and hay is a major source of this. IAD can limit a sport horse’...

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  • Regiment Support Service

    5th July 2017

    We are very proud to have been recognised by The Royal Welsh as a supporter of their charity. We regularly make donations towards “Regiment support” who in turn donate to “The Royal Welsh.” We received a very tho...

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  • Racing Welfare Charity

    21st June 2017

    We recently raised £1,056 which we donated to the Racing Welfare Charity. Racing Welfare is a charity created to help people thrive in day to day life and through a range of challenges specific to a career in racing. ...

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