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AirOne Battery Nebuliser Kit Full/Thoroughbred

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  • Horse inhaler for respiratory diseases & for prophylaxis
  • Ideal nebuliser output for the horse lung of 15 ml/min
  • Ventilation-dependent nebulisation - variable therapy duration
  • Powerful Li-Ion batteries
  • Use for up to 60 minutes

Battery operated inhaler for horses - for the treatment of acute & chronic respiratory diseases as well as for prophylaxis. Easy handling & can be used anywhere with approximately 30% more ultrasound nebulizer performance compared to the mains operation version!

The horse inhaler AirOne Flex is a battery-operated ultrasound inhaler for respiratory inhalation therapies for horses. In the resting state, optimal wetting of the bronchial area is made possible during inhalation. The horse inhaler can therefore be used as a targeted therapy for respiratory complaints in horses. Areas of application are various allergies, damping (RAO/COB/COPD), horse cough, bronchitis, fungi / mites in the lungs, bacterial infections, and irritations of the respiratory tract. Veterinarians and riders have already achieved extremely good results with the horse inhaler.

In the process with ventilation adjustment (2 - 5 ml per breath), the upper as well as the lower respiratory tract are wetted with moisture right into the alveoli. The maximum nebulization performance of approximately 19.5 ml/min. in continuous operation is adapted to a horse's lung, with this value the horse inhaler is superior to any other. Due to the ventilation-dependent nebulization, the duration of each therapy unit varies in horses. Excessively produced mucus collects at the bottom in the catch basin of the mask and can be easily removed.


1 x Air One nebulizer 14.4 volt
1 x Inhalation mask with silicone seal for horses
1 x head strap for horse mask
1 x elastic connection hose
1 x connector 25 cm
1 x wall mount for nebulizer
1 x contact fluid 1.000 ml
1 x disinfectant 1.000 ml
30 x nebulizer cups
1 x protective transport container
1 x instruction manual


Technical data:
voltage: 14,4 V
nebulizer output: up to 15 ml / min; 2 - 5 ml / breath
battery technology: Li-Ion
battery life: 60 minutes
battery charging time: 120 minutes
particle size: between 0.5 - 6 μm
2-chamber cold nebulization

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